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Prof. Souguil Ann - IEEE 50 Years Loyal Member.

2018-01-31 13:54
He joined IEEE as a regular member in 1967 and kept his membership for over 50 years. In the meantime, he served as IEEE Korea Section Chair two times, IEEE Region 10 Director, and as the Sectetary to IEEE Board of Directors.

IEEE Seoul Section witnessed two 50 years loyal members in 2017 and one in 2018.  


Dr. Seo, former IEEE Region 10 director, is attaching a badge for Prof. Ann Sougil who is the first loyal member of 50 years in Korea.

Dr. Tchah, Dr. Kwack, Dr. Ann, Prof. Kukjin Chun, Prof. Ann, and Dr. Seo, from the left.

Toast by Dr. Tchah.