Online Paper Submission

All papers presented in TENCON 2018 will be submitted to IEEE Xplore.
Prospective authors are requested to follow the instructions below for submitting papers to TENCON 2018.

Manuscript Preparation
  1. Your manuscript must be formatted with the template for IEEE conference proceedings.
  2. The templates can be downloaded here.
  3. The length of your manuscript should be 4~6 pages.
  4. Your manuscript should be made a PDF file to be submitted.
    1. All fonts including Times New Roman should be embedded in your PDF file.
      • Note that you should remove the fonts you need to embed from ‘Never Embed’ list.
    2. When you create a PDF file using Microsoft Word, please, follow the steps below.
      • Select Save as menu.
      • Choose pdf (*.pdf) under Save as type dialog box.
      • Click Option button.
      • Choose ISO 19005-1 compliant under ‘PDF option’.
      • Click Save button.


Initial Paper Submission (for Review)
  1. Your paper should be submitted to EDAS.
  2. The website for paper submission is here.
  3. To create a login ID for EDAS, please, visit here.
  4. When you upload your paper, please, make sure that your browser has cookies enabled.
  5. Once you have uploaded your paper, EDAS automatically assigns a paper ID to your paper.


Final Paper Submission
  1. To be announced.
  2. Note that you will asked to submit the IEEE electronic copyright form.