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Hi everybody,
It is our great honor to host this prestigious event in Korea.
The main theme of the conference aims to perfectly align with the IEEE goals and visions for advancing technology for humanity.

IEEE has witnessed technology outbreak through energy, electricity, and information technology in the last century. Now it’s beginning of the intelligence era for the moment.

Intelligence is somehow defined as the ability not to repeat the same mistakes. Therefore, you engineers need to provide more memories to store all the mistakes, accidents, and malfunctioning events. Need to provide faster connections to fetch those informations. Also have to provide most efficient algorithms and computing power to make it sure that your decisions are immune to the previous mistakes. That could be a Cognitive IOT as we might say.

In that sense, we all IEEE members are standing in the frontier lines for the Intelligence Outbreak. That is one of the main themes of IEEE TENCON 2018. So please give us a smile and let the new era develop beautifully in IEEE TENCON 2018.

There you can ride the winds on the island of breeze over the beaches, mountains, and smart energy. From Industry and academia, big institutions to small companies, from far and near, nobody will be an alien in TENCON 2018.

IEEE TENCON 2018 General Chairs
Changhyun Kim and Jong Chang Yi